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Newsjacking 101

The Guide

ENTER HERE A quick-read PDF breaking down the art of Newsjacking and case-studies to prove… IT WORKS! √  How it’s possible to book yourself and earn AS SEEN ON ABC, CBS, FOX, AND NBC to your resume √  How to get the media to recognize you as an AUTHORITY IN YOUR FIELD and earn even more credibility √  What several folks have done to get MASSIVE MEDIA MOMENTUM for their expertise √ The 3 COMMON PR MYTHS that might have you missing out on the publicity you deserve   Holding Megaphone for email signature Graphic-Pimp Your Pitch

Newsjacking 102

Pimp Your pitch Enter Here

√  The one thing that will turn off a TV/Radio producer or periodical editor faster than you can read this sentence. √  The exact 5 elements that every pitch must have if you want to have maximum impact √  The four elements that will set you apart from every other media hopeful who doesn’t have some TeeJ in their life √  The secret to circumvent the traditional path to producers and editors.   Holding Megaphone for email signature Graphic-Rock Your Genius

Newsjacking 103


√  5 Elements to Rock Your Genius when you do an interview √  What every media mention and feature should include to draw the audience to you √  The secret to crafting nuggets of soundbites that the media devours. √  Do’s and Don’ts of media mentions and features Holding Megaphone for email signature Graphic-The Aftermath

Newsjacking 104


Available on or before Dec. 2, 2017. 

You’ve newsjacked, pimped your pitch, rocked your genius… NOW WHAT?